Child Dentistry

Child Dentistry

Child Dentistry

Child dentistry or pediatric dentistry, also known as paedodontics, is a speciality that is associated with oral health of children from infancy to adolescence. Problems like tooth decay is more common in children as they cannot take care of their own teeth properly. And, this makes child dentistry an important branch because baby teeth make space for adult teeth and if they are destroyed there will be no guide for permanent teeth which may result in crowded or crooked teeth. It also involves educating parents regarding the oral hygiene of their children. 

What are the common oral problems faced by children?

1. Baby bottle tooth decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is caused due to frequent contact of baby’s teeth with sugars from milk, fruit juices or any other sweet drink. This can be prevented by avoiding sugar in baby’s food and not putting the baby to sleep with a bottle filled with sugary drinks.

2. Thumb sucking

It is normal in infants but if continued beyond 5 years, may cause problems for permanent teeth. It may cause misalignment of teeth, problem with pronunciation etc. The child should be encouraged to stop sucking. The thumb should be taken out from the mouth when the child falls asleep. If this doesn’t work, dental appliance can be worn by the child.

3. Lip sucking

Lip sucking is holding the lower lip repeatedly beneath the upper front teeth. This results in problems same as those associated with thumb sucking.

4. Premature tooth loss

This can occur due to tooth decay, injury or lack of jaw space. The space created causes the nearby teeth to shift decreasing the room for the permanent tooth. This causes misalignment. A plastic or metal device known as space maintainer is used to hold open the space. It is removed when permanent teeth start to erupt.

5. Tooth decay and cavity

It is more common in children as the enamel is not strong enough and the damage is caused quickly
Treatment Procedures

1. Pulpectomy

The removal of affected pulp to avoid abscess formation or infection is known as Pulpectomy. This procedure saves decayed baby teeth. After Pulpectomy, the tooth is restored with a crown made from stainless steel.

2. Extraction 

Extraction is required when a decayed tooth poses risk to surrounding teeth. A tooth with long roots that is not falling needs to be extracted to make way for permanent tooth to erupt. In this process, the socket is expanded and the tooth is separated from the ligaments holding it.

3. Space maintainers

These are used in premature tooth loss to maintain the space for permanent teeth. If the space maintainer is not used, the teeth surrounding the loss tooth may shift and may pose a problem for the permanent tooth to erupt.

4. Fillings 

These are dental restorations. Composite resin is used for front teeth and silver fillings for back teeth.
5. Fluoride treatment

It is done to prevent tooth decay, cavities, and plaque formation. The procedure takes only a few minutes. Depending upon the oral health it may be repeated every three, six or 12 months.

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